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On Wednesday last week, I made the drive from Indiana Wesleyan University to Fishers for my first day as a Marketing Intern at Sticksnleaves. Not only was this my first day with a new company, new people, and new responsibilities, but this was my very first time being an intern. Naturally, I had mixed emotions. I was nervous, excited, and unsure of what to expect. It seems like the stereotypical intern is solely responsible for fetching coffee and picking up their boss’ dry cleaning. Would I become an errand boy? I hoped not.

Upon arriving at Sticksnleaves and becoming acquainted with the job, I quickly realized that I would be responsible for much more than coffee and dry cleaning. In fact, within hours of starting the job I was writing a Press Release for the upcoming Launch Ladies Startup Study Hall in which Mike Strohl of Citizens Energy will be speaking on the viability of business ventures. I was also assigned to write a blog about customer acquisition prior to product development, a topic that immediately spiked my curiosity. Everything was new and exciting, and I was eager to learn and do more with this great company.

When Friday came, the second and final day of my first week, I again found myself making the now familiar drive to Fishers. This time, however, I was neither nervous nor unsure; rather, I was excited and confident. As I drove, I considered new strategies for social media marketing and began to brainstorm for the blog post I would be composing that morning. I also did a quick mental run-through of my schedule for that day, grinning at the fact that “picking up Bob’s dry cleaning” was nowhere to be found. This is bound to be a great internship experience, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the rest of my time at Sticksnleaves.

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