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A small confession: this is my first job. My past work experience is limited to a summer spent volunteering in a dusty library basement. So when I was put in contact with Kristen Cooper, VP of Corporate Development and Operations at Sticksnleaves, I didn’t know what to expect. As a self-proclaimed daughter of the humanities, the prospect of interning at a tech development company felt strange and counterintuitive. However, my time at Sticksnleaves is proving a wonderful introduction to the business world.

Sticksnleaves is a consulting firm that partners with entrepreneurs as well as growing and established companies to design and develop customized technology. This tech can take several forms, including mobile apps, web apps, APIs, and logo design. Sticksnleaves works with its clients through every step to create products that will generate revenue. The Sticksnleaves team fully embodies their company’s tenets: colorful, reliable, and above all, passionate about creating beautiful products.

Sticksnleaves occupies a pod in the ‘designated space’ area of Launch Fishers. Launch is a co-working environment for budding entrepreneurs and growing companies. Launch Fishers brings together members of several growing businesses in a collective workspace located in the Fishers, Indiana public library. The space, affectionately dubbed “The Fishbowl”, has a unique energy: at any moment, workers can be found immersed in a distant coding world, discussing business strategy, or plotting rabbit wars à la Watership Down. Although each business has its designated zone, friendly banter frequently transcends desk borders. Powerful focus and easy camaraderie work hand in hand to create an atmosphere charged with productivity and spirit.

Beyond technology development, Sticksnleaves is devoted to expanding the tech world for young entrepreneurs, particularly women and minorities. As a marketing intern, I am tasked with spreading Sticksnleaves’ influence across social media. I’m excited to help Sticksnleaves develop strong roots in social media and expand its presence. Follow Sticknleaves on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, to keep in touch with our growth!

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