Vegetarian, Purdue Alum and Avid Github Contributor

What do you do when you’re bored? Check Facebook? See what’s on TV? Well, if you’re a tech developer, you go to Github.

Sticksnleaves Co-Founder Anthony Smith, like many developers, leads a double-life. No, he’s not a mafia member or a superhero (at least not in the normal sense). But he does live two lives: by day, he builds apps for our clients here at Sticksnleaves, and by night, he contributes to projects on Github.

So what the heck is this ‘Github’ you keep hearing about from tech people? Simply put, it’s a connection platform where programmers exchange expertise. They help one another build and polish various projects that strike their fancy. You can upload your own code to Github, and ask for help getting bugs out. It automatically saves every version of an application and helps the project progress.

Why would anyone want to program all night after programming all day? Because it’s fun! Programming, which involves solving problems and analyzing the logical flow of different projects, is not only a job, it’s a passion for many folks. Here at Sticksnleaves, our developers take their work seriously, but noodling on new code is akin to playing with a new Lego set!

Anthony is a prime example of this “programming for fun” mindset. He regularly codes on Github, and has made over 300 contributions in the last year alone. And he’s had over 80,000 downloads of his code.

While working his way through Purdue at Frontline Logic, Anthony got the opportunity to program for some of the world's leading brands including Target, Time Warner and Google. After this, Anthony met Yaw Aning and the two founded Sticksnleaves. It was during his time at Frontline when Anthony first came up with the name for his new company.

As a vegetarian, his co-workers would tease him about having to go eat somewhere that had “sticks and leaves.” On the days when he couldn’t join them, they would literally bring back pairings of sticks and leaves and pile them onto his desk. The bounty of crooked sticks and colorful leaves inspired Anthony. It was this matter that fell to the ground and reconstituted earth so that something new would emerge. These same materials could be used to kindle a fire. These sticks and leaves were part of a significant lifecycle. They were a sign of friendship, an emblem of sustenance and a symbol of growth.

Somehow, between working for Sticksnleaves and contributing on GitHub, Anthony found the time to work with the design firm Studio Science (formerly KA+A), designing and building the code behind Indy Made, ( the Indianapolis startup directory.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that in 2013 Anthony also became the youngest winner of Purdue University's Early Career Award for alumni.

Follow Anthony on Twitter @anthonoo and Sticksnleaves @sticksnleaves or email us [email protected] and let us build something YOU’RE passionate about. We have office hours every Friday from 3-5 PM at Launch Fishers, drop by to get acquainted!

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