The Ladies’ Room is a sacred space. It’s where wardrobe malfunctions are attended to, hairspray is borrowed, stories are shared and information is exchanged. When you work long hours in the tech world, mother nature is undoubtedly going to call a few times a day. You can take the opportunity to get know your female colleagues while re-applying your lip gloss or you can resolve to avoid eye contact and dash out the door. Well, Kristen Cooper is a connector. So if she’s putting on lip gloss, you’re having a meeting in the ladies’ room! These meetings eventually became The Launch Ladies.

Brief hellos and introductions when Kristen first arrived at Launch Fishers soon became longer conversations about business. Within a few months, even contract discussions were taking place in the ladies’ room. Kristen decided it was probably time to try out another venue. So, she scheduled a luncheon where women based out of Launch Fishers could continue to get to know each other, exchange personal experiences, and strategize about how best to work together.

These Launch Ladies lunches grew in popularity, and more and more smart and well-connected women from around Indianapolis joined the group. Bringing together entrepreneurs, experts, and executives benefited everybody. As they mingled, these women built personal relationships that turned into business relationships built on trust.

The invitation list grew to include investors, designers, developers, product strategists, women who had founded companies previously, women who were experienced in mergers and acquisitions, and men and women who would help take ideas and turn them into profitable and scalable businesses.

The message was clear -- women wanted to discuss how to build their own business or grow an idea from within a company. They wanted the kind of connections that would open doors when they were ready to launch. By February 2015 -- less than six months after its first meeting -- The Launch Ladies attracted over 60 people to its luncheon, graciously hosted by Scott Jones and The Eleven Fifty Academy.

The Launch Ladies events allow people to do business with one another, and help women realize that their idea can be more than just a side project or a hobby. By talking about it, they get the connections and tools they need to start seriously considering, “how do I turn this idea into a business?”

Kristen has helped connect ALL of the attendees, and she makes a point to welcome new participants, introducing anyone who wants to meet someone else. That friendly and familiar atmosphere, which Kristen has worked hard to create, is the secret ingredient to the success of The Launch Ladies. Working together to forge connections and support each other helps those involved to build both the knowledge and courage to take the next step in executing their startup idea.

We need more women entrepreneurs. This is something that Sticksnleaves is committed to making happen. Kristen holds office hours on Fridays from 3-5pm at Launch Fishers to discuss ideas and processes for how to launch products and harness technology for growth. For more information about The Launch Ladies or office hours with Sticksnleaves, please email [email protected]

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