Client Profile: Lawrence McGlown, CEO, getSayDo

Below: getSayDo Co-founders Lawrence McGlown (right) and Michael Manross alt text Interview: October 6, 2014

“We would walk into client meetings and find that no one in the room had easy access to customer feedback. When customer feedback data existed, it was often dismissed because it was outdated."

Over the course of Lawrence McGlown’s brand management career, he has recognized a few trends: the management of customer feedback is time-consuming, most employees find customer feedback results hard to understand, and few employees can access customer feedback with ease.

Lawrence has also observed many gut-driven decisions made by business leaders who lack access to insights on how customers feel. Inspired by his observations, he began thinking through methods to make customer feedback more accessible and straightforward. Along with his business partner Michael Manross, Lawrence embarked on building a tool that enables employees across industries and functions to understand how their customers feel. The result? getSayDo, a platform that distills real-time customer feedback into easy to manage, easy to understand customer insight that launched in 2014.

Making customer feedback easy for everyone involved

The philosophy behind getSayDo disrupts the traditional way of requesting, providing and viewing customer feedback. “Our goal is to remove work from the core tasks of customer feedback." To request feedback, members upload their customer contacts, press the request button and getSayDo takes care of everything else; that's a strong benefit for businesses that are challenged with finding time to craft request messages and figure out which questions to ask.

To provide feedback, responders answers six questions – five about their experience as customers and one about their likelihood to recommend the business.The user experience for this part of getSayDo was one of SticksnLeaves' most challenging programming tasks. The founders were steadfast in achieving a feedback tool that is unlike anything else available. “In addition to getting feedback providers in and out quickly, the dial is intuitive and a creative point of distinction for getSayDo.” says Lawrence.

getSayDo makes it easier for employees to share an aligned view of how customers feel. "The business decides who (employees, customers, prospects) needs access, and getSayDo automatically aggregates the results in ways that most high schoolers can comprehend.” Insight via getSayDo enables decision makers to pivot faster based on real-time feedback provided by their customers all year long.

Lawrence often helps clients influence a bias for executing as promised. He believes businesses would retain their customers longer if they simply followed through with what was originally agreed upon. It sounds simple enough. However, many businesses fall short. By incorporating getSayDo, business and functional leaders can make more informed decisions without wasting valuable time. “This is the type of insight that enables responsive actions across functions and strengthens customer sentiment."

Lawrence is enthusiastic about getSayDo and welcomes discussions about using getSayDo to transform employee and customer relationships. You can reach him at: 317-800-8319 or [email protected] Visit to learn more about how to share customer feedback results in real-time with everyone who needs to know.

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