Meet Sticksnleaves new Jr. Developer, Jake Newby!

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Hello, Sticksnleaves blog readers! My name is Jake Newby. I am the latest addition to the Sticksnleaves team and I could not be more excited to be working with these amazing people. I am a 23 year old undergraduate in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. I will be graduating this coming winter with my Bachelors of Science in Informatics. Producing great products alongside the rest of the Sticksnleaves team while I am still in school has given me a great sense of pride, accomplishment, and hope for the future.

Working in application development is such a huge rush. We ‘devs’, as we are so affectionately ascribed, take pride in our work. When our work does not live up to our own standards, we beat ourselves up over it incessantly. Even so, when we get something right, the payoff is worth all of that frustration and self-deprecation that we inflict upon ourselves. That feeling of accomplishment, pride, and completion is my driving force. Having to spend hours writing, testing, and refactoring code is a barrier to entry to being a developer that I leap over with a giant grin stretched across my face, tall coffee in hand.

I work in Ruby on Rails for the majority of my day. Ruby on Rails is a framework for the Ruby programming language. A question any product team worth their salt should be asking themselves is, ‘What tools should I use to accomplish my goals?’ and ‘Am I properly leveraging my selected tools to fit my needs in the best possible way?’. Ruby on Rails (or ‘Rails’, for short), is a tool for accomplishing the kinds of tasks that a vast majority of applications seek to fulfill. Rails accomplishes these goals in a way that lowers time to market by minimizing the amount of configurations needed by following some simple, well defined conventions. These simple conventions help the rest of the Sticksnleaves development team and me meet our clients goals quickly, delivering value to their company in a fraction of the time it would take most any other solution.

Most of my workday is spent writing application logic in Rails for tomorrow’s app-centric technology companies. My professional goals at this point in my life include becoming the best, most well-rounded programmer I can be. Eventually, I want to be known by co-workers, clients, and colleagues alike as the go-to person for development. I want to have a reputation for writing astonishing code that does the trick. I believe that my experience so far at Sticksnleaves will contribute greatly to achieving that goal. While doing my job, I am being introduced to great new tools and conventions on a regular basis. I believe these tools and conventions will increase my productivity while decreasing the time to market for the next project to come out of the Sticksnleaves pipeline. Do you have a great idea for the latest and greatest application? Maybe that project will be yours.

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