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I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I got the opportunity to intern for Sticksnleaves this fall through a program at my college. The fact of it being a technology company instantly brought forth images of the bizarre workplace environments of an Apple or Google. Sticksnleaves, while having that type of freedom so attractive in Google, is also a very productive and respected firm doing meaningful work.

Sticksnleaves is a consulting firm that does product development of web and mobile applications for client companies. By providing a solid technology base, they allow their clients to focus their attention on what attracted them to their particular field in the first place, without being left behind in a fast-paced global economy. Technology is absolutely vital to remain competitive in today’s market, and Sticknleaves provides invaluable insight and products in this area.

Sticksnleaves is located in an innovative co-working environment called Launch Fishers, located beneath the public library in Fishers, Indiana. An extremely unique and progressive workplace, it exudes productivity. With amenities, such as a coffee shop, multiple meeting areas, and treadmill desks, it also provides a key boost to employee morale.

My generation has the deeply imbedded idea that college is a time for putting off the inevitable. It is one last chance to have fun before you enter the workforce, get a boring job, and start that interminable wait for the weekend. Working here has altered my opinion of what entering the workforce might be like. The flexibility, interesting nature of the work, and the friendly banter among the employees provides a fun dynamic. While it would still be nice if the weekend came sooner rather than later, doing forty hours a week of interesting (and dare I say, fun?) work rather than frustrating toil is more bearable prospect for life after college.

So what’s next? I’m very excited to be a part of Sticksnleaves over the next few months. With a company like this, you never know what will happen. Follow Sticknleaves on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, so that you can be a part of the exciting growth and change we’re experiencing here!

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