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Use Pocket and IFTTT to collect and organize important links from the web.

What is Pocket?

Think of Pocket as a better version of bookmarks. It seamlessly integrates with your browser of choice and is accessible on all your devices. The big appeal of Pocket is the ability to tag links for easy access later.

Pocket is fast, with one click you save the link without having to drill down through all your bookmarks and folders. So whether you are saving articles to read later, finding helpful items to share on your blog, or storing how-to guides for future reference, Pocket makes it easy to save and retrieve the info you need.

Get started with Pocket here. Pocket installs to your favorite web browser. You can pocket things from the web, via email, or from over 500 apps. You can then view your pocketed items from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Pocket also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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How I use Pocket:

I use Pocket to store several things both business and personal. I like to tag items I believe our clients or potential clients would find useful to later share in our email campaign or on social media. This items I tag with “SNL Email” to trigger my IFTTT (more on that later).

I also use Pocket to save interesting articles, presentations, or blogs that I believe our internal team would find useful. If I come across a “how to” for something I know I will be implementing later, putting it in my Pocket makes it easy to recall later.

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(yes, that is a recipe for butter brownies...seriously how good do they look?)

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. IFTTT allows you to link up your different apps (what they call channels) to automatically perform actions. You can customize these automations, called recipes, or use one of thousands shared by other users. IFTTT can be customized to do anything from sending you email reports on your favorite sites to changing your phone's alert settings depending on your location.

Get started with IFTTT here. IFTTT's easy step-by-step instructions and shared recipes will get you cookin in no time.

How I use IFTTT with Pocket:

I use IFTTT to store all my links in excel spreadsheets on my Google Drive. I use Pocket's tagging system to determine on which sheet the link will be populated. So, for example, if I come across an article I think will be useful to our clients, I tag it with "email list". Later when I want to compose an email, say about blogging, I can simply search that spreadsheet for articles that are relevant to blogging. The IFTTT recipe also captures the article's title, a quick blurb, and an image making it quick and easy to comprise an email campaign.

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Next Week: Using Typeform and Zapier to gather client feedback.

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