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We’re very excited to announce the addition of our new Product Manager, Tracy Lasseter. Over the last year, Sticksnleaves has grown incredibly fast. We have helped more than 40 clients launch new products and new businesses, and in order to support that growth, it became very apparent that we needed someone to come in and help our clients continue to grow faster and stronger.

We hired Tracy because of her expertise helping companies of all sizes reach new markets and customers. She will be a huge asset to our team and our clients, and we’re excited to have her on board.

Read on to learn a little bit more about her!

What is your motto?

Do what you like, be who you love. If you aren't doing that, then what the heck is the point?

Where do you call home?

I currently live in Portland, OR with my husband, Josh, and our two cats. I am absolutely in love with the Northwest, and will talk anyone’s ear off about it. I am originally from Warsaw, IN which is where I grew up and where I first met Anthony! I have lived several other places, Cincinnati, Nashville, Orlando. I like traveling and living in different places and this job has really opened up even more opportunities for me to do so.

What is your role at Sticksnleaves?

Being a product manager is a little like being a CEO, directing a diverse team to bring a product to market while managing strategy, budgets, timelines and more. I also have to keep open lines of conversation between everyone attached to a project. A product manager is in charge of managing the big picture and communicating what needs to be done across all departments. It's more than just overseeing tasks and making sure things are done on time, a good PM must truly understand the product and the market.

What does this mean for people working with Sticksnleaves? It means I am your advocate, I am your product's cheerleader, and I am the person you can depend on for updates, strategy, and support. I will be with you every step of the way, from ideation to development to launch and beyond. By bringing me on board, Sticksnleaves has freed up their developers and designers to do what they do best, design and develop.

Why are you suited for that role?

There is the old saying that there are many paths up the mountain, and I think I've tried a lot them. I've always been curious and open to new opportunities which has taken me on many journeys. I have lived all over the US and held many different positions. The path may have seemed sporadic at times but the destination was always clear, I wanted to challenge my potential and see what I was capable of. From these experiences I have not only gained new knowledge and insight, but I have learned to work in many different environments and with many different people. I have learned to be flexible, to think on my toes, and to take challenges head on.

They say most product managers sort of accidentally fall into their position. I can say this is honestly true. I am thankful that Sticksnleaves looked at my experience and didn't see a hodge podge of skills, but someone who knows how to manage and communicate ideas. With a background in customer service, systems management, and marketing, being a product manager just made perfect sense to me. It's very satisfying knowing I can draw from my many different experiences to help our clients build great products as well as grow the Sticksnleaves team.

What has your role been at previous jobs?

I have worked in many different areas of business but they have all had a common theme, to help others achieve their goals. I have always had a passion for people and their ideas and I want to see people do great things. Before Sticksnleaves I was working for a market research company, MDC Research. What drew me into market research is the idea of helping companies improve upon their products or get feedback on new ideas they plan to launch. I wore many hats at MDC, from running the focus group facilities, to recruiting people for groups, but my favorite was always coordinating projects. I loved taking a client's idea, finding the right people, and getting them all in a room together. There was nothing more satisfying to me than having a client tell me at the end of their project how happy they were with the results.

I also worked in retail for quite awhile. I was the team leader of a boutique in Portland and assisted with the opening of their second location. I think everyone should work in a customer service based job at least once in their life. Some of my greatest skills came from working in sales. I learned how to work with many different types of people and personalities, how to ensure a client's happiness, and keep a business running efficiently.

During college I worked for Mars Petcare (a division of Mars Inc.) in Nashville. What started as a simple data entry job quickly morphed into being hired on as the Database Manager. I worked with Mars's other divisions to oversee the transition to SAP across the entire company. I found out I really, really enjoy organizing data and tasks. This position really offered me the freedom to streamline the process and improve production. I also got to work between a lot of different departments both internally and externally.

What is your idea of happiness?

Being content, and having the freedom to enjoy it. Too often we try to pursue happiness, but seeing joy in what we already have is the real answer. I like to stop and take inventory at random moments throughout the day. I think it helps me appreciate what is around me and to never take the little things for granted.

What is your favorite food/drink?

You can never go wrong with a well-made burger and an IPA, especially if you can enjoy them outside. Thankfully in Portland we are never short of any of these things. We get pretty spoiled when it comes to food and beer.

What are you looking forward to most working at Sticksnleaves?

Helping both my teammates and our clients achieve success. I look forward to the relationships I will be building, and the new and innovative products I will be helping to create. There is nothing more satisfying to me than knowing I made someone else's job easier. I also look forward to everything I can learn and the ways I can grow with Sticksnleaves. This company isn't just about how it can be bigger and better, but how they can help their employees be successful. I'm excited about this opportunity and all the potential it holds. It is very refreshing to be encouraged to blaze my own trail, which I believe will benefit everyone involved.

What made you want to work for Sticksnleaves?

I wanted to work with great people! I feel like each of us really brings something vital to our team. It's the people that make a job great, people you trust but also people you want to work hard for. I want to feel like what I do matters, that I am working at full potential and helping others to do the same. This doesn't just apply to my new co-workers, but to our clients. I get to work with people from all walks of life and take their ideas and turn them into great products, and really what could be better than that?

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think you would be?

A very spoiled housecat. Judging by my own cats' lifestyles, I'm thinking that would be a pretty sweet gig. But being a bird would be amazing, too. The ability to fly seems like the ultimate freedom. I don't think I would want to come back as another person, I have enough experience being one.

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